• K. Gustafson - Denver, CO
    Elisabeth is a gifted body worker. I have suffered from an anterior pelvic tilt and shoulder pain for years. Before I found Rolfing, I have seen doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists to treat my aches and pains. I completed the 10 series with Elisabeth approximately one year go and have been doing maintenance visits ever since. This is the only type of bodywork that has truly changed my body and offered lasting pain relief. The experience itself can be intense but I like it. On top of all that, Elisabeth is such a kind lovely woman who is a delight to visit, I cannot recommend her enough!
    K. Gustafson - Denver, CO
  • M. Keeley - Longmont, CO
    Elisabeth is a gifted healer. My 11 year old son has had a lot of pain in his body from intense growth spurts and emotional pain. She worked on him for 10 sessions and he was able to release so his body could restore itself. She made him feel comfortable, safe and able to express himself. She is kind and professional. I plan to bring my son back to her again for some more sessions as he keeps growing and I am excited to start getting Rolfing myself. I highly recommend Elisabeth
    M. Keeley - Longmont, CO
  • D. Hoffman - Longmont, CO

    When I decided to get a Rolfing session with Nordic Rolfing I didn't really know what to expect. I'd been contemplating it for a couple of decades and finally decided to give it a try. I decided to go for the ten series and see how it would be. After my first session I realized that this was really going to be good for me. When I was about 7 years old I sprained my right ankle very badly and ever since I had favored that leg, walking with my foot pointed out (duck walk).

    Elisabeth made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the very start. She was very concerned with my level of comfort with the procedure and my general surroundings (light, heat, sound, etc). She always told me what she was doing as she worked on me and encouraged me to ask questions. We established very good communications about the changes in my body and it was easy to discuss what was happening. Elisabeth always had me walk both before and after each session and I was amazed at how my walk changed. I could both feel and see the difference.

    After each session I would try and remember all of the things she had told me and slowly began to assimilate them and to develop an entirely new gait. My stride is longer too now. Now when I walk and achieve the optimal gait it feels as though stress is draining out of my body, through my feet and into the ground. Sometimes I back slide and as soon as I do I notice that my whole body feels different. Also, I work over a computer every day and have a lot of tension in my neck, shoulder and back muscles. These too are much looser and more flexible now. Much less shoulder pain and discomfort.

    Little things began to show up too. I used to have a hard time touching my toes and about halfway through the ten series I noticed that I could touch the floor easily. Putting on shoes is very simple now since I can easily reach down to adjust and tie them. Similarly, breathing seems more open and less difficult (it was never very hard, but now it just seems so much more open). Turning to look over either shoulder is much easier and I have greater range of motion.

    My posture has changed dramatically as well. I stand much straighter and measure over an inch taller than I used to. Balancing on each foot is much easier as well. This used to be a real struggle for me on the foot where I had sprained my ankle so long ago. Now it seems natural and comfortable.

    D. Hoffman - Longmont, CO
  • L.Jones - Longmont, CO
    Suffering from a lower back injury since 2007, and fused vertebrae in my upper neck, I've tried a myriad of therapies- physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic with ART, medical massage, ect. These have worked for me, but only temporarily, as the symptoms always have resurfaced. Since starting on the 10 series with Elisabeth at Nordic Rolfing, I have made progress in ways I have not experienced before. I have had major pain reduction, and have re-gained fluidity, and feel great muscular freeness. Elisabeth has explained the purpose and goals of Rolfing therapy to me, and I am now much more aware of my body positions and postures throughout the day. Rolfing freed up my body to allow for proper body structure and movement, and in just 2 weeks I have strengthened my weak areas. She not only targets the affected area, but parts of my body that I didn't realize were compensating for the weakness in my back, and had become deformed and rigid over time. My energy has increased and I am actually freed up to move and exercise without pain. Eager to continue practicing with her. Great bed side presence and is very comfortable to work with.
    L.Jones - Longmont, CO
  • L. Turner - Superior, CO
    I was privileged to be treated by Elisabeth and I am feeling so wonderful, my posture is better! She is such a conscientious practitioner - I highly recommend visiting Elisabeth at Nordic Rolfing.
    L. Turner - Superior, CO
  • R. McCollum - Boulder, CO
    Rolfing is my most favorite form of Bodywork. Throughout my 44 years, I have tried a variety of different bodywork. I have MS and I was delighted when I found out that Elisabeth was going to Rolfing school. While she was learning she practiced on me to my body's huge benefit, and I still see her once a week. Her touch is delightfully firm with a gentle approach to Rolfing that makes me feel very nurtured.
    R. McCollum - Boulder, CO
  • S. Hall - Niwot, CO
    As you get older, your flexibility and ability to move around becomes restricted and you have more aches and pains. Elisabeth was able to help improve my range of motion, regain strength and stability, free up movement, and reduce pain to aid in sleep. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and effective, and she has helped me appreciably.
    S. Hall - Niwot, CO
  • L. Shelton - Denver, CO
    Elisabeth is a sensitive and incredibly skilled Rolfer. She is highly perceptive and works with incredible compassion. I can't recommend Elisabeth enough.
    L. Shelton - Denver, CO

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