1Does Rolfing® SI hurt?
Much of the reputation that Rolfing® SI hurts comes from the early days when Rolfing® first gained public recognition and since then the work has greatly evolved. Sensations can range from pleasurable release to mild discomfort often described as a ‘good hurt’, but never sharp or painful. I work with each client as an individual and the truth is that if a client experiences any discomfort, I slow down and go at their pace to make sure there is no pain associated with any of the sessions.
2How is Rolfing® SI different from massage?
Rolfing® focuses on improving body alignment and the body as a whole and it’s aimed at improving the body’s function over a longer lasting period (months or years), through working on the entire body and education of movement. Massage focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort. With massage, clients will often find that the area is bothering them again shortly after the session.
3What is a typical Rolfing® session like?
In the first session we take a bit longer to talk about why you are coming in to get Rolfing® SI. Each session we talk about what is going on in your body and I then do a brief assessment where you will walk and do a few easy movements. Then we start the bodywork where you will be on the table. Occasionally I will ask for feedback on how you are experiencing the work and I will ask for some movements, ask for you to move about and change positions a few times during the sessions. At the end of the session we wil do a brief re-assessment to see the progress of the work.
4How long are the sessions?
Each session is typically 75 min, depending on the session it can be 10 minutes longer or shorter.
5What to wear in a session?
In each session we evalute the structure so these are the clothes we recommend: Running shorts lined with underwear Yoga shorts Swim trunks Sports bra
6How will I feel after the session?
Typically clients feel relaxed and they feel more stability and mobility in the body.