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Rolfing® Sessions and Pricing

Each Rolfing® session will last for 75-90 minutes. This allows time for you to discuss your needs, and for Elisabeth to explain the manipulations she will be making.

$140 per session (90 min)

$130 per session (75 min)

$100 per session for children under 13 years old (60 min)

If you have any additional question about what to expect during a Rolfing® session, our FAQ answers many common questions. You can also call Nordic Rolfing® at (720) 490-9000.

Rolfing® and Health Insurance

Rolfing® can be paid for with most health savings and flex spending accounts.

Rolfing® is typically not covered by insurance plans without a recommendation from a doctor. Receipts and documentation can be provided if you are pursuing health insurance reimbursements.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for Nordic Rolfing® are available. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions. 

Call (720) 490-9000 or email info@nordicrolfing.com to purchase gift certificates.